Monthly Archives: June 2005

Vector World Map Illustrator Files

Vector AI World MapsFlash projects always have me either searching for something I need, or having to redraw it in Illustrator and then import it into FlashMX. Considering how much Flash and illustration is on the internet, there is an amazing lack of vector AI files on the web for either download or purchase. EricArt has taken the time to draw a variety of world maps and provide them via TurboSquid for very reasonable rates. I would much rather spend 25 bucks than 5 hours of my time. If you know of other websites like TurboSquid that feature Adobe Illustrator AI files please let me know.

GreenOrlando Launches

GreenOrlandoRecently, I have had the honor be a part of and help develop a couple of great, local, grassroots projects, and GreenOrlando is more than a website, an eMagazine or a blog. So many people work for the benefit of the community, more than most people are aware of. Our goal is to tell your story, to pull together all the amazing things that goes on and thereby reveal how unique Florida really is. Imagined and built by Giant3, The GreenOrlando site gathers relevant stories, interviews and spotlights sorted by categories, each addressing a particular community. By doing so, we paint a big picture of the diverse landscape that is Central Florida.

GreenOrlando is published online and updated frequently. We exist to provide a forum for the community as it grapples with its present and future. We have no political affiliations or motivations, and see the need for dialogue, awareness and consensus-building on local issues. We live here and love Central Florida, and want future generations to love our community as well. As you feel led, write to us, contribute your opinions and get involved. Send us your historic photos, write an article or share your frustrations, so that together we can keep our communities healthy, vital and growing without sacrificing the quality of life that brought (or kept) us here.

GreenOrlando is committed to helping preserve and improve the quality of life available to all residents of Central Florida. Its mission is to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations reach their fullest potential and accomplish their evolving goals. This mission is expressed through eight quality of life aspects that are held in dynamic tension: Art, Balance, Ethics, Faith, Fitness, Nature, Teamwork and Sustainability.