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New Vector Flash logo courtesy of

For a while now the has featured plain text in the banner in liu of a proper logo. E over at felt I needed a little more than a comic font on a flat field of color, and was gracious enough to come up with a fantastic new logotype for It screams with flavor and style and could not be a better fit for the brand. It gives me a playful, coffee-house feeling while yet maintaining a certain sophistication. Read more to see a side by side comparison.

Some have said they do not remember the old logo (it had so much impact apparently) so here is a side by side comparison of the old vs the new.

Old Banner

New Banner

What are your thoughts? Feedback is always welcome.

How to Deal With Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You

When Friendship Hurts A suggested read for anyone for anyone recently hurt by friends. Friendships are the cornerstones of society. How we treat our friends gives powerful insight into people’s motives, decisions and actions. How we are treated by friends affects our work, our weight, our mental focus. Dealing with the hurtful actions of others and more importantly, identifying new friends is paramount to maintaining a happy, balanced life.