Monthly Archives: December 2005

Happy Birthday To Me – Fun with my Sony PSP

Sony PSP wallpaper featuring Ninja Yoshi of fame.

This year I recieved a Sony Playstation Portable and I must tell you it absolutely rocks. In kind, I decided to create and release a wallpaper / background for your PSP. The screen quality on these things is amazingly sharp and bright. An avid homebrew community ensures there are a plethora of hacks, programs, loaders, and homemade games for you to play with. Naturally I could not resist adorning my PSP with various backgrounds and illustrations of Yoshi. In fact, as a gift to all PSP owners I have made a custom wallpaper for you to download here.

Note: This is formatted for a version 1.5 PSP. Instructions on installing this background on your v1.5 PSP can be found many places. Owners of v2.0 and up have other sources.