MultiGP Drone Racing League Branding & Identity

Branding & Identity, Mobile App, Responsive Web Design
About This Project

While serving as Director of Marketing and Art Director, I had the pleasure of creating a globally recognized brand through deliberate use of unified design systems. This was important as we approached a full UI/UX redesign of the web app that provides drone racers an easy to use interface for locating and participating in drone races.


Powered by a bootstrap framework, we quickly iterated out improved workflows for managing a drone racing club, it’s members, races and venues.┬áThe lessons learned building the web app were not forgotten when we then deployed a mobile app for the organization. The mobile app launch was successful and users feel at home in both environments due to the consistent visual language.


The drone racing startup was not without graphical design needs for it’s products, programs and events; so a slew of logos and promotional materials were created. The organization’s identity was carefully integrated into event branding and merchandise.