Physical Object Design

Branding & Identity, Industrial Design, Product Design
About This Project

There is nothing quite as satisfying as taking a concept from sketch to reality. Here are some of the awards and trophies I have had the pleasure to design and bring into the physical world.


Product design involves more than just a aesthetically pleasing figure, there are physical and material constraints and it dives into materials, surface finishes and assemblies. Concept sketches need to be turned into tool-paths so that manufacturers and machinists can cut and assemble the project. Material thicknesses, fasteners and adhesives need to be carefully selected for optimal finish. LED lighting integrated into some of the designs create exciting profiles, accents and lasting, memorable first impressions.


Minting a coin presents an another set of design problems to observe and overcome. The reliefs on the coin faces need to be sufficient to create a compelling design, but can’t be overly complicated that manufacture becomes costly. We reviewed dozens of different metals and finishes until we found a combination of gunmetal coating and gold/silver/copper accent plating that created a really cool, stark contrast.