Like they do on the Discovery Channel

Not Again!?Another reader told me she checks the site daily but finds nothing new. This is for her.

Why wasn’t I warned these critters go at it like rabbits? They never tell you about these things when you first pick them up. Looking through the manual over and over again and provides little relief. Nope, nothing in there about the prolific Chihuahua libido.

Yoshi managed to force his way through her chastity harness and sow his oats – again. $1000 and many hours later I’m the proud grandfather of another set of puppies.

Its as if she knew it was to be her last litter and she wanted it to go off with a bang, well it did. Three puppies (one more than usual) proved to be far to much for her to pass naturally and thus required an emergency doggy c-section. Luckily, I live 3 minutes away from a 24 hour animal hospital. Admitted at 11pm and released at 3am she went through surgery like a little champ and has healed quite nicely. And now, PUPPY FEST 05!

Puppy Fest 05!
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  1. awwww I want one!!!! They are so cute! I adopted a crazy little girl from the humane society and would gladly trade her for one of those. shhhh don’t tell Kylie

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