WordPress Releases 1.5.1 and a preview of possible logos

Wordpress releases 1.5.1 and possible logosWordPress.org releases 1.5.1 to fix many bugs and patch some items. As with all releases, minor or otherwise, the support load on the forums is mounting and they are in need of more experienced aids to answer questions and help out. If you run WordPress, why not head over and help out someone new to the package.

Just prior to the 1.5.1 release some previews of the new WordPress logo were leaked and are available here. I always like taking a peek into the creative process someone takes to design their logo. The logo has several things going for it so far, and who knows if this will even be the final. But the current direction is good, showing strong attributes. The logo features a strong smooth logomark based on the W. The prominant W has a firm foundation with the serif font but ends smoothly conveying elegance to the utilitarian font. This strong logomark is followed by a font that appropiately catagorizes the logo. The serif’ed font is very classical and evokes a traditional, book-like feel.

Possible WordPress Logo

Between the two styles I prefer the traditional, “logomark on left, logotype on right” logo. Featuring the W mark in the center of the logotype deters from the legibility of the name. It also makes it look like an aviator emblem which is definately not right.

Possible WordPress Logo 2

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  1. I think WordPress would benefit from a corporate identity re-design. Blogger has done very well since creating and branding themselves after the Google buyout. I don;t think it can hurt, as long as it is done well.

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