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Stolid Pug

Needing to break out of some monotonous CSS work, I ventured back to illustration with a scorching hot new model: Pugbutt.

I am rather unimpressed with it, he lacks emotion. Maybe I’m my own worst critic – but this illustration is far from finished. It definately does not have the polish that my previous Yoshi illustrations carried.

Pugbutt v.02 Thumbnail
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Is it the eyes? The shading? The lack of shading? Highlights? Shape? Back to the drawing board…

New Vector Flash logo courtesy of

For a while now the has featured plain text in the banner in liu of a proper logo. E over at felt I needed a little more than a comic font on a flat field of color, and was gracious enough to come up with a fantastic new logotype for It screams with flavor and style and could not be a better fit for the brand. It gives me a playful, coffee-house feeling while yet maintaining a certain sophistication. Read more to see a side by side comparison.

Some have said they do not remember the old logo (it had so much impact apparently) so here is a side by side comparison of the old vs the new.

Old Banner

New Banner

What are your thoughts? Feedback is always welcome.