Stolid Pug

Stolid Pug

Needing to break out of some monotonous CSS work, I ventured back to illustration with a scorching hot new model: Pugbutt.

I am rather unimpressed with it, he lacks emotion. Maybe I’m my own worst critic – but this illustration is far from finished. It definately does not have the polish that my previous Yoshi illustrations carried.

Pugbutt v.02 Thumbnail
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Is it the eyes? The shading? The lack of shading? Highlights? Shape? Back to the drawing board…

  • Christina
    Posted at 15:26h, 24 March

    I think its the eyes.

  • Jefte
    Posted at 15:30h, 24 March

    I concur. But a solution escapes me. I may play with different eyeball shapes. Maybe its because they are perfectly circular.

  • Brendan
    Posted at 06:34h, 26 March

    Three things. The lines and creases on a pugs face move like some invisble finger is “smearing” their expessions on for them, you need to show those lines.

    A pugs eyes are almost on the side of their head in a portrait presentation, like a chihuaua/preying mantis cross.

    Lastly – their eyes are dark, marble like. The eyes talk to you through the eyebrows. Ever seen a puzzled pug?

    I hope this helps stir a new perspective. Ta!

  • Psychodire
    Posted at 17:19h, 15 August

    I does lack alittle shading. Though that i really find it lacking, is the “desperate squashed Face” look that pugs tend have. If it doesn’t look like it ran into a wall at full tilt boogy then it will always look off. 😉 But it’s looking good so far.
    Oh, it’s not that the eye’s look too round, though they are round. It still lack that whole protruding effect. Give the edge of the eye alittle shading so they don’t look too flat. 😉 Yes i know it’s all easier said then done.

  • Jamie
    Posted at 14:30h, 21 March

    I assume you’re going to animate him, as you did Yoshi in the header.

    That said, I think you nailed the eyes. It’s the eyebrows (first), the mouth (second) and the nose (he’s a “pug” after all) last.

    I would give his eyes movement through the eyebrows – “worried” and “more worried.” [Or deeper concentration on what he’s looking at.]

    I would give him more exaggerated folds from cheek to jowl, and I would keep his face in almost constant motion: His eyebrows “worry” from left to right (which might enhance “Marty Feldman eyes”/”Hump, what hump?”) and then a couple of nose licks. Then that intense stare (as you have captured so beautifully already) becomes “framed.”

  • LeeLou
    Posted at 19:08h, 02 July

    mmm…shape of head is right on. I agree that the eyes eyes are enlarged–but hey you may be going for that it is your style and Yoshi seems to have that. (makes me think of Mario bros) 😉 I would focus on bringing out the highlights to create more depth in his face.Because he has such a dark complexion it is easy for it become flat. Lovin’ his name. Take care,

    ~~you can always try the squinty eye trick on him and see if you lose his face completely..–shows you need more highlights.. cheers!

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