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Vector AI World MapsFlash projects always have me either searching for something I need, or having to redraw it in Illustrator and then import it into FlashMX. Considering how much Flash and illustration is on the internet, there is an amazing lack of vector AI files on the web for either download or purchase. EricArt has taken the time to draw a variety of world maps and provide them via TurboSquid for very reasonable rates. I would much rather spend 25 bucks than 5 hours of my time. If you know of other websites like TurboSquid that feature Adobe Illustrator AI files please let me know.

8 thoughts on “Vector World Map Illustrator Files

  1. Thanks for the links!

    After going through those sites, I was hard pressed to find a map I liked. I’m not sure what it is about the EricArt maps but they just have more flavor and style. The map sites I visited all looked like boring geography-class maps.

  2. hey I was wondering if you could send me the .fla file for the world map.. I need it for a project and I don’t wanna spend 10 hours drawing a map that’ll be inaccurate. I’d appreciate it soooo much if you would.. thank you~

  3. Go to and do a search on “worldmap” One example file will show but looks like it doesn’t work. Download anyway and you will have a worldmap.fla included. Full map with coutries. Easy to break apart and make one solid object.


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