Booby Sanctions

Booby Sanctions

According to www.aljazeera.comThe U.S. circulated three Sudan resolutions Tuesday in the hope of breaking a Security Council (SC) deadlock on the issue and move to impose sanctions and deploy peacekeepers in the region.

Looks like a standard news release that doesn’t exactly incite too much excitement.Little did we know that the terminology used is actually codespeak for the real developement at hand.

Take a look at this photo… look closely.

How will the UN ever hope to solve this chesty dillema? Clearly it requires the consensus of a 15 member council to weigh the pros and cons of breast augmentation. Or maybe they are previewing some morale boosting “propaganda” to issue the peacekeepers?

Either way… this just affirms the fact that 90% of porn is viewed during the business hours of 9-5.

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