Help the web rid itself of IE6

Help the web rid itself of IE6

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few years, you are aware of all the exploits and hacks that IE6 is susceptible to. Its shoddy engine has been the bane of web designers for years. The number of css hacks that have arisen because of this particular version of Internet Explorer are innumerable. Countless IE-only style sheets have been created to deal with this application’s quirks and foibles.

Even today IE6 is still in use by many computers. Help spread the word that IE6 is terrible and point ignorant users in the right direction. This isn’t a “spread firefox” campaign, at this point the web would prefer that users pick any new browser over the outdated IE6.

Visit the website for copy and paste code that you can use to alert users of IE6 that its time for them to join the rest of the web and upgrade their browsing experience.

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