Hi, I’m ah hello?

Hi, I’m ah hello?

Bush, the new Dr. Evil?http://www.dnext.com/
Democracy in 60 seconds or less. Bush is definately good for comedy.

A study in stop-motion photography and human response.

Can anyone provide any insight on these autos? Are they real? These can’t possibly be photoshopped… whats with the 5 foot platforms in the front? Someone clue me in.

An engineering marvel. Wow, its like a gianormous moving sculpture.

A drifting video. The euros and japs have all the fun.

Have you heard of Grand Theft Auto (GTA)? I’m sure you have, its all the rage now with the kiddies. Most of these kiddies who love to run around pummeling pedestrians and hijacking their cars never played the original GTA series. The originals were totally different games than the GTA you see in Vice City or San Andreas. The viewpoint of the game is top-down, which means you get a birds-eye view of a little guy and little cars, in a little city. Well, in the spirit of these original GTAs here is GTA: Urban Jihad

Remember Super Off Road for the NES, this flash game feels alot like it.

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