Humpday Links

Humpday Links

Chris CFDG – Context Free Design Grammar is a simple language made for generating pictures. You input in a set of rules, and it generates an image according to your ruleset. Another great example of code being a form of art. This reminds me of the guys that will hand-code an entire 3D render, amazing stuff.

New Google Video Upload Program
This new service allows you to upload your content to google for indexing in their new video service where Google will let you search the index of titles for content, preview it, purchase it and then watch it.

Run linux on gmail
Another implementation of “can it be hacked to run linux?”.

Flash games website
Sure, its in French – but the games play the same.

Micheal Paulus
I’ve kept my eye on this guy since I first saw his skeletal cartoons a couple months ago. And recently has added another project to his gallery: Deviating Illuminated Eye Charts.

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