Artemis Vehicle Wrap Graphics

Artemis Vehicle Wrap Graphics

Since the Artemis rebranding took place, we have been super busy creating all sorts of advertisements and printed pieces. Recently, we created graphics for our fleet vehicles and the first van finally returned from the wrap shop.

Since the wrapped vehicle will be traveling all around town, we decided to make it a true billboard. Something that stands out, yet maintains the simple, minimalist aesthetic of the rebranding effort. 


Bigger is better.

There was really only one solution – make it BIG. We wanted to make an impact on the road. “What was that blue van?”, “Did you see that giant icon on the side?”, “I wonder who those guys are…” But we wanted it to be more than simply eye-catching. It had to be informative. It had to describe what we do.


What is IT?

Being in the information technology business means we often are asked what does “I.T.” mean? This question is something we struggle with daily, so our solution was to show people what it is. One side of the van features a giant Artemis icon, while the other side is features a giant “IT” built from hundreds of words and phrases. IT encompasses so many skillsets and technologies that it is impossible to single out any one specific implementation. These graphics aim to illustrate that IT is the sum of its parts, a broad spectrum of knowledge. 


Jefte Puente standing next to the finished Artemis vehicle wrap graphics.


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