Designers, do your part – Print Green!

Designers, do your part – Print Green!

Hopper Press - Print Greener!Designers do not produce alot of waste, nor do they manufacture large amounts of goods. But even designers should have a conscious eye on how they impact the environment. How so? By printing greener. is project I have had the honor of working on in collaboration with All-Star Printing and Longbow Strategic Group. The Hopper Press project will hopefully serve as resource for printeries looking to green their processes, and for designers looking for green presses to run their jobs on. But why?

Printing green means a lot more than using recycled paper. Its about sustainability, its about the health and well-being of press operators, its about the whole circle. Many green printer practices both foster a better work place environment, and end up saving the printery money!

Do you have a favorite printery? Are they green? Are their employees happy and safe, or exposed to toxic ink fumes? Do they offer recycled paper alternatives? Do they offer environmentally-friendly inks? How energy-efficient are their machines? Have they set up a solvent recycling program?

If so, good for you! You are not only helping the environment, but creating safer, better workplaces for press operators and related staff. If not, inform yourself and start a working relationship with a printery that does!

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