New site design again.

New site design again.

Well, got another redesign. Its hardly been a month too. Deciding upon a CMS is not an easy task. Alot of things go into the decision, like hosting packages, languages, databases… I could go on. Once I decided to delve into content management systems and take the plunge I knew the CMS would have to really work well for me to hand over control. Most designers that aren’t coders feel this same way. They want the functionality and easy of use of a CMS but don’t want to loose creative control.

I started with Limbo and initially liked it. The admin panel is polished and works well. The symantics and labels were terrible though. Modules and packages and news articles and newsflashes all kinds of names for different things. Limbo made it hard to edit the design and was not xhtml complient to boot. I can’t use a CMS that still uses tables!

So I scrapped Limbo to my dismay (I was starting to understand what was what) and decided to stray away from these larger CMS’s like Mambo, Exponent, Drupal and see what the blogging community had to offer. I hate the term blog, I have never liked it since its inception. In 1999 I founded and edited and both were blogs before the term caught fire and exploded into the prolific term it is now. A blog is simply a website that is updated frequently, typically daily. Heck, Slashdot is a blog but no one calls it a blog.

Names aside I decided to see what the **ahem** blog community had to offer in the way of content management. The last time I had looked at blogs I remembered the name Movable Type, so I started there. Upon some research I landed on WordPress and its what you see here today. As I finish up the final tweaks on this site design I’ll put up extensive info on the plugins and help I recieved building this site.

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