Author: Jefte Puente

Since the Artemis rebranding took place, we have been super busy creating all sorts of advertisements and printed pieces. Recently, we created graphics for our fleet vehicles and the first van finally returned from the wrap shop. Since the wrapped vehicle will be traveling all around town, we decided to make it a true billboard. Something that stands out, yet maintains the simple, minimalist aesthetic of the rebranding effort. 

Jefte-Puente-Logo-jefte-netJefté (esp) or Jepthah (en)jefte-logo.png Jepthah (also spelled Jephtha or Jephte; Hebrew: "Yiftha"; Latin: Jephte) was a biblical figure in the Old Testament. Japheth (yod peh tav) is the 11th from Adam and Jephthah (yod peh tav chet) is mentioned in both Judges 11 and Hebrews 11. Which, incidentally, if we break down the Hebrew we find the root of the word Jephthah is: petach, to open. Petach is a Pey KeyWord, and Pey literally means "mouth". So Jephthah literally means, "he opened".